A Woman Miner is Born

In my days of vacation in the Peruvian Andes, I felt nostalgic seeing the photos in my albums in my maiden room and I remembered how my passion for mining was born, and it is precisely in Huancavelica Mina Julcani, which I remember with great affection.

It was the first and only time that my dad got me an internship in a mine. I remember finishing the fourth semester of Mine Engineering at the National University of Central Peru; my father wanted me to discourage me from studying that course and made my transfer to another faculty, because at that time Machismo was even greater, and he, being a mining engineer, knew what hard work is like.

Julcani Querido, Huancavelica, Peru

That was my first practice in conventional underground mine. There I was drill master assistant in galleries and shafts, assistant in surveyor, assistant of locomotive operator and also in the area of ​​safety and environment.

Climbing in some raise

The funniest thing of all is that in that mine I loved what I did, everything seemed fascinating and adventurous and I wanted to know more about mining. During my stay in the mine, coincidence, I went to be a speaker of my research work, together with a student mate, “the Kili”, in the first congress of women mining in Cajamarca, from that I did not stop at all.

And what I think is super crazy is that I had to live a process of mind-boggling transformation from conventional mining to mechanization, control systems, now automation, battery-powered equipment, digitization, wow! in less than what? Maybe 15 years …well is not to short time either, what else comes to us? … There are no limits! I will tell you in other publications about this fascinating mining world. However is lot of space to growth in relation to the figures of us women working in this industry.

With this I want to encourage specially to women to share their story, let us know how you overcome obstacles,  and to everyone to follow their dreams and not give up, they will always find obstacles and comments that will make us doubt, even from the family!

Do not stop, pursue your dreams until they come true and continue again.

I would love to make from this space, a space, a forum, where we encourage and motivate each other. Looking forward to interact and know about you and your experiences, I am sure there is a thousand and one anecdotes, articles of our sector, and overall I am here for whatever you may need to be a change.

Welcome to my blog!

Lets us be the change,


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