The Dinosaurs and Women

I recently had to live a reality that I thought was history.

A colleague asked me to share my experience of how my life was in the mining world, how I did it to survive and how I did well to be in the headquarters of my company. I told him I was happy but I was curious about the reason and he told me that he is trying to find arguments to hire a woman in an area only where many men have worked, since he demands to do field tests, long trips and long stays in the underground mines. She told me that her candidate had a great profile, more than the average, committed and above all she was very interested in the challenge, she was herself.

This friend told me that I needed to do more or less a business case but not for the business but for the fact that it was a woman I wanted to hire, I immediately said is it serious?

I imagined something like that 😀

So much fear gives bosses, managers, senior managers hire women? That if we do not have the necessary physical strength, that if we are women, the vein is lost, or there are accidents, that if we get pregnant, productivity drops, and they will pay extra costs, a thousand and one prejudices; more reason than strength, we get pregnant if, it is a natural issue … we contribute a lot to our companies; all our soft skills are focused on our work, we have different approach, committed to our work and the result of it, especially because we still have the imperative to do better, because at least in my case, I think there is still or is that even I feel some pressure for the many looks of gentlemen who are awaiting our results.

 And I do not intend to make a gender fight, let alone feminist (I respect and admire them a lot but my point of view does not go there), I look for the opportunity, put us to the test if they want, and they will be amazed at what we can give, it is not necessary to recognize it, that’s another issue, but do not just think like futuristic dinosaurs please that it will not work because we’re women. On the contrary we join efforts to obtain a better result and we will see that it is more enriching and pleasant to collaborate and learn in a pleasant environment.

To finish here I leave a paragraph to reflect: Do not expect different results if we always do the same! Einstein

Let us be the change!


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