Woman Mentor in Mining

I am in the middle of very interesting project – gender diversity and women inclusion in the mining industry and suddenly when I come to the mentoring topic I made a self-exercise, a question to myself, to whom, particularly to which woman miner I would have love to follow, copy their best habits or have as reference in my professional career.

As a result of this exercise I got a complete silence, no answers for myself, I never had a woman miner as reference, when I was in the university, all my role models where men and of course I admired them , unfortunately there were no woman to follow. I was aware of some women before my time and some others in other university of previous generation, no one closest so at that time this end it up as a common fact.

Today I am thinking in all the women who really wants to follow this career, in those who are already studying, that maybe they are looking for some advice or want to talk about what to expect in this industry, and how it is really to study and work as a mining engineer, maybe there are women to ask for, how to address their careers or how to insert to this world. Or they may have questions as how are the mine operations if the mining companies are prepared to have women in their operations or even the myth that women cannot work in the mines because the ore-body disappear, yes, even those kind of questions.

Nowadays, I am sure there are many more women miners who we can draw upon, I consider myself one of them, reason why humbly I decided to offer my knowledge and support as Mentor, guide and /or advice for the woman who want it more. I believe I can contribute since I have pragmatic experience being the only woman in my class and five in all the faculty of approximately 450 men and after worked in the underground mines in day and night shifts and different positions gave me a more extensive look about how is the mining world from very very inside.

There is a place inside the world where all we are same

To get in contact just you need to write your mail down in comments or DM. I am very happy to contribute in your success and to increase the number of woman in the industries such as mining, construction, and any other similar ones.

We are all in this together.  Let´s make the change.

With love,


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