Who I Am?

Hello, I am Diana Baldeón, a woman miner who was in the mining holes for more than three years. Then I am immerse in the corporate world, mining and construction sector in charge of product and business management positions for almost 15 years.

From birth I am Peruvian, and I have a bit of the places where I lived. For work I moved to Chile, Argentina, now I am living in Sweden for almost five years. Very challenging I must say 🙂

I strongly believe in constant improvement for both people and companies. The impact we can make in people’s lives is incredible, and that is my mission now, to support women to develop their potential and grow professionally.

Likewise, support companies to implement gender diversity as part of their culture. I consider this inclusion is a fundamental part for the sustainability of companies now and even more in the future.

And what is my driver?  It is really create a positive change.

It is a great impact and not precisely positive, that being in the 21st century, we are still discussing issues of diversity. According to the international business report 2018, (Grant Thornton, 2019), it shows that only 29% of the worldwide management positions are occupied by women, what happen?

Europe is leading the percentage of women in high-level management, reaching 32%, while in Latin America shows the percentage is quite low 25%.
And I do not want even to touch figures of woman in mines, could be dramatically sad.

However, these figures show us that there is still a long way to go, much to collaborate, grow and thus contributing to the development of empowered and successful women, that will result in high profitability for companies.

There is much more to talk and act about these topics and together make the change. Join me and together lets make an impact. Let us be the change


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